Alpaca Activity Sheets Pack

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Today, we’re bringing you a fun activity set that you can use whether you are learning about farm animals in your homeschool or just wanting to practice word recognition! This Alpaca Activity Sheets Pack is a 5 page printable that you can use with your kindergarten -second grade level learner to work on recognizing, reading and spelling, all while learning some alpaca-related vocabulary, as well! It’s no secret that alpacas are pretty adorable, so this printable also includes 3 adorable coloring pages that kids of all ages will enjoy.

What’s Included:

This is a cute little activity set that is great for those days when you need something fun and engaging that your child can do independently. It includes a word search and a descrambling activity (featuring the same words in the word search.) Each of the words listed have something to do with alpacas.

Word searches and descrambling activities can help boost your child’s ability to recognize words (read) more quickly, and are also good exercise for the brain’s memory and critical thinking capabilities! None of the words in this activity set are too long or difficult, but they are all related to alpacas. (For example, there are words like: Peru, Herd, Fleece, etc. )

As your child goes through and finds each word in the word search, talk about what each one means and how it relates to the alpaca. This will also make it easier for your child to do the unscrambling activity. If you want to make this an activity for a slightly older child (or are working with children of different ages), you could have him or her look up each of these words, too!

This printable set also includes 3 cute coloring pages that children of all ages will enjoy (toddlers and up)! We hope you enjoy this one. You can grab it by clicking the link below!

Grab Your Alpaca Activity Set Here


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