I Love Having a Super Girl

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I was always a bit of a tomboy growing up. I had a remote control race car track, and a telescope, and a whole bunch of little plastic spacemen. I loved girly things too, dresses and hairbows and glitter on everything, but I never did fall for the argument that some things are for girls, and some things are for boys.


When I had my oldest two sons, I was over the moon to play with them. Rough and tumble games. Superheroes and spacemen. As soon as they were old enough, I started buying Legos for them. I love building with legos, and luckily, the boys did too. We bought the castle, and the pirate ship, and as they got older, we began collecting the superhero sets.

Then, Little Miss joined our family. She’s four and a half now, and is the spunkiest member of our family. She’s the perfect mixture of tutu loving little princess, and cape wearing supergirl. All the kids were excited to hear Lego was going to be sending them kits to play with designed just for kids their age, but no one was more excited than Little Miss.


She loves to do everything her brothers do, and loves their superhero lego sets. I had not seen the Duplo Superhero Legos before, so she’s not had a kit of her own to work on. The kids ripped their boxes open before I could blink, and they set right to building their sets.

The oldest boys worked together on their set (designed for kids 7-14). Mr. Man is still learning to follow the directions closely and keep the pieces organized for the more complicated sets. He’s been working up to more and more complicated sets, and sure enough, did a wonderful job building this one.


His older brother helped him keep track of which bag to open, and when, and he followed each picture, step by step. The Superhero sets are a little more complicated, and it takes some time for the boys to bring their favorite characters to life. They are always up for the challenge. Little Miss has been watching them do this for years,  and she was determined to complete her set on her own. This was the first time she attempted to follow instructions…



But piece by piece her set came together. The Duplos are designed to be bigger (and easier for little hands to manage) and the instructions were clear and colorful with simple steps to follow. She needed help with one part, and was more than a little proud to put it all together. Her favorite piece of the whole set was Wonder Woman.

As a mom of a rough and tumble little girl, I am thrilled to see her inclusion in this set. Little Miss is still carrying around Wonder Woman weeks after we first opened the Lego set.


I love that the kids have something they can play together. I love that Little Miss is included in the boys favorite games. They may not love that she is always stealing their batman underwear, but they love being able to chat with her about which hero is stronger, or faster or better.

I hope all of the kids continue to enjoy eachother’s company this much!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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