Putting Down Roots

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We are a military family. Every couple of years, we load everything up in boxes, and head off on a new adventure. Every couple of years, we have to make new friends. We have to memorize a new set of roads. We have to find a new babysitter, a new dentist, and a new favorite place to shop.

I’ve gotten really good at moving. This last move, I was unpacked in a record amount of time. After a few moves, I have a closet full of curtains in different lengths, so I could make this apartment feel a little more “home-y” the day we move in.

At this point, I am pretty happy anywhere we end up. “Home” is abstract to me. It’s been so long since I’ve really been anywhere, and while there are many places I love, and have happy memories (like the beach, oh my, I love San Diego and the beach!) there really isn’t a “Home” for us.

But one day, the military will stop telling us where to go (and where to be happy) and we’re going to need to make our own choice. Air Force Hubby has been in the military 12 years now, which means in theory, we only have 8 more years before retirement, and 8 years before we have to “go Home.”

Oh my gosh, that sounds crazy to me. 8 years?

That’s not a lot of time. I have a kid who is almost 8 years old, and that time passed in the blink of an eye.

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and we decided where we want to end up at the end of those 8 years. This week, Hubby traveled there, and we put down roots.

IMG_0704Our Baby Tulip Tree


We are the proud new owners of 5 acres in Northern California.

There’s nothing on those 5 acres (other than the tree Hubby planted). The plot of land doesn’t even have a road going to it yet. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. But it’s ours.

My Farm 2 Beautiful, right?

We have big hopes and dreams to go along with those roots. That tree we planted is going to grow big and strong. Our kids can climb it, and we can have a picnic in it’s shade. Someday, Hubby can build a fort in it for the Grandbabies that will come to visit.

We’re going to have some animals, maybe goats and chickens, and we’re going to have a big garden. I’m going to grow enough food to shop at the grocery store less, and have enough space for lots and lots of projects. It’s going to be a beautiful place to have roots.

My Farm Last time the Kids and I were “home”- behind the Barn is Hubby’s grandparents house, who are our new next door neighbors

California is home, so we’ll be close enough to visit my family, and head to the beach on vacation. Hubby’s whole family is within a 10 minute radius from our little homestead so we’ll have lots of good neighbors for holiday dinners and good conversation. Even the boy’s other Dad will be within a couple hours drive, so this choice will be good for all our important relationships.

I can’t even fully explain how good it feels to have roots somewhere. To have a plan and a future. I can’t wait to see what kind of life we build on our 5 acres, and I am so excited to do it with my handsome Hubby.

Now….. to figure out how to make it all a reality! It’s going to be an adventure….. I guess it’s time to pick up some books on housebuilding and homesteading! Luckily, we have at least 8 years to figure out what to do to make our home a reality!



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  1. Wow! That’s fantastic! What a great way to symbolize it, too, with planting the tree! How exciting you can look forward to the adventures to come! 🙂

  2. This sounds amazing Heather! How exciting for your family! I grew up on ten acres that bordered my grandparents (hundred?) acres and my uncles (hundred?) acres. It was the dream childhood. I only wish I could give that to my children. I am excited for the experience your children will have! It sounds lovely! How much longer will you be in Germany and when will you find out your next location?

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