Community Unit

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We just wrapped up our unit on community, and had a ball. I had been dreading teaching this one, because really, who wants to spend a month talking about the *boring* things going on around you?

I could not have been more wrong!

This month was packed full of field trips, and I got to claim going to the grocery store, library, post office, ANYWHERE as school. Because it WAS. It was awesome. Everywhere we went, we made a point to talk about who works there, what they do, and what kinds of goods and services they provide to the community. We kept on the look out for workers on the streets, and since we are a military family, every Soldier walking by got a big “Thank you community helper!” from my two boys.

We went on a tour of the commissary:

We learned about how our food takes 3 weeks to get to us,

and how they label our milk to help us know how much fat is in it.

We went to a German firehouse:

We learned about how they need to wear special clothing to stay safe,

We got to try on all their special gear, and most importantly,

Got to test out their training course!

It was MUCH harder than I expected. Bug and I went through as a team, and those crawl spaces were narrow! The real firemen do it in the pitch black, and they fill the room with smoke and turn up the heat. They have to be in full gear, and rescue a weighted “dummy”.

Germans are Rad! Firemen in the states wouldnever allow us to play on their training equipment!

We also went to the Zoo:

We watched the community helpers feed the elephants,

Felt the baby goat kicking this poor mama goat,

And found more proof that Germans are Rad, and I should live here forever: A playground for Humans, built exactly like the play place for orangutans. Orangutans have all the fun. Unless you live in Germany.

We also started Basketball:

Basketball coaches are some of our Favorite community helpers. Little Man LOVES basketball.

We ended the unit by learning how we can all be “Community Helpers” and how helping starts at home. We unveiled a new chore chart, and the boys went straight to work!

Needless to say, we really, really enjoyed learning about Community!

Next Unit: World Geography: Cultures, Animals, Biomes

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