Learning about Coral Reefs

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Learning about the coral reef

Welcome to a new unit study! This month is all about the Ocean over here on Only Passionate Curiosity. We have some fun hands on activities, printables, free links, book lists and so much more coming your way!

Today, we are starting with the Coral Reef. I grew up in San Diego, and I just love the ocean. I’ve been to tide pools and to the beach, but never to a coral reef. Someday, my husband is going to take me on vacation somewhere where I can learn to snorkel, but in the meantime, this post is as close as I am going to get!


First, we talked about the where you find coral reefs, and what kinds of living things are found there.

Free Websites to Teach about the Coral Reef:

This website has information to read and a free crossword for children in the 3rd-6th grade range: Kids Do Ecology

Learn about Coral Reefs in a question and answer format (very good for parent lead discussions): Ocean World

Fantastic Images and Info for kids: Discovery Kids Coral Reefs

More reading for older kids from Sea World, with lots of information on conservation: Coral Reef Fact Book 

Coral Reef Craft

With Mother Goose Time this week, we also did a cute craft to go along with all our Coral Reef reading. This one was super simple, but some of the best activities are. I love that it had the kids practicing fine motor skills and daydreaming about the coral reef. First, the kids picked out their favorite reef picture from the stack, and then they set out to make their own. We cut out coral shapes, and then they used the needle and thread to sew designs in the plastic.

DSC_0024 DSC_0030 DSC_0057 DSC_0075 DSC_0081 DSC_0087


The kids then cut out the fish from the color and count pack I posted earlier this week and played their own coral reef!

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