The Best, Worst Picture Ever

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This may very well be the “worst” family picture I have. It’s grainy, and out of focus. I had to make it black and white because the color and saturation is all wrong.

But I love it.

But it’s an amazing family picture. We are standing in the middle of a centuries old Castle, which is unbelievable. My kids are being themselves…. Mr. Man is jumping and hollering, and being the happy exited boy he is. Miss Em is trying to walk away and is testing her independence, and  stomping skills. She can’t be stopped to look at the camera when there is so much to explore. Bug is glued to my side, he’s my sweetheart Mama’s boy, always happy to hold my hand.

As for me, I’m chubbier then I care to be. My clothing is all a little off kilter, my scarf is untied and about to fall in the mud, and my hair is a mess. But the smile on my face? That part is as good as it gets. This photo is of a happy moment- one I don’t want to forget any time soon. I am so blessed to have these beautiful children in my life, three happy, full of life and their own ideas, children.

This best, worst picture, ever, is one to keep.

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  1. Heather, I absolutely love this picture, too. I remember when I first saw it… it struck me as perfectly capturing your relationship with your beautiful babies… this picture certainly is a treasure!

  2. For what its worth, I think its beautiful! We get so caught up in the “perfect” picture that we lose the joy of the moment. This is a picture of joy! Thank you for sharing with us!

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