Field Trip Friday: Record Keeping and Planning

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If you haven’t noticed yet, I like to be organized.

(Yes, those of you who have been to my house are laughing. I like my THOUGHTS organized, I like papers and binders and plans and records and structure. I don’t like cleaning….. Being organized and being NEAT are two entirely different skill sets. Don’t judge, I’m awesome.)

So, Back to being organized-

When I decided to do Field Trip Friday instead of sticking with our normal seat work, I realized that just *going* wouldn’t quite cut it for me. In order to fill my need for records, I needed some way to keep track of our adventures, as well as record the learning that was happening while we are out and about.

It’s easy for me to find the educational value in something like a trip to a castle, but I wanted to be able to put it down on paper and show that while we were at the castle, we learned about simple machines (science), how people lived in the 1700’s (history), and calculated how many years a war lasted (math) as well as practicing various social skills. On top of tracking the individual skills, I also wanted to record the memories.

Record Keeping Image

click the links below to download the forms

Travel and Field Trip Record

Here is the form I am using to track the trips and skills- it is meant to be a very brief overview. There is a place to list the date and location, as well as mark off skills practiced, topics covered, and whether or not I intend to do a follow up assignment at home (like a journal entry, experiment, or something else).

Travel Schooling Memory Sheet

This form is used for a more detailed record- I use it to describe where we went, write more detail about the lessons learned, and record the memories of the trip.

The first form, I keep in my binder with my attendance records and reading logs. The other form, I have added to our yearly portfolio, so the kids can look at the pictures and remember our adventures. Hopefully these forms can be useful to you as well!


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