An Easy Way to Give Back this Holiday Season {Viewers to Volunteers}

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I am so excited to share Viewers to Volunteers- a new app that is making a big difference with you today. Many of you know I am also a social media manager for a non-profit, and I am just giddy about V2V and the potential it has to help charities further their impact. For a charity, no money means no mission, and today, you don’t even have to have money in your pocket to help them get what they need to continue their programs.


The idea is this- you read and share news stories and other content (the same stories you’d be reading and sharing anyways) on the app, and as you do, you earn money for charities that matter to you.

Viewers to Volunteers has found a way to partner with large corporations, who were going to spend money on marketing anyways, and has worked with them to get them to donate their dollars to charity instead of paying for more advertising.

When you go to the V2V app, you choose which issues you are passionate about- for me, I chose Education and Veterans issues. Then, your app will show you local volunteer opportunities, stories you care about, and featured articles. I was thrilled to see articles from publications I typically read (like Stars and Stripes for military issues).

As you read the stories, you earn points, which you can then choose to donate to a list of charities (I chose Fisher House for my first thousand points- a charity near and dear to my heart).

Each story is sponsored by a corporate donor (for example, today I am seeing the Toyota logo at the top of the stories) but the app is not filled with excess ads. I can earn extra points by sharing the stories, or by getting involved in my local community. It’s been easy to use, and I am excited that my habit of reading articles on my phone can help me raise money for causes I care about.

So far, 662,395 has been donated to V2V causes. I hope you take a moment today to download the app, register your profile and explore a little. Let’s shift corporate advertising dollars to good causes, and make a difference in the world!

You can download Viewers to Volunteers here, and also find them on Twitter and Facebook. 

Sharing is caring!

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