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My kids love to build forts. I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked into a room to find all of my dining room chairs, and all of the bedding in the house piled in the living room. They build castles and rocket ships, forts for battles, and forts for puppet shows.

I didn’t mind when they were using my furniture, because let’s be honest, building forts is better than watching too much TV or fighting together or anything using glitter. All things considered, it’s harmless. But, it’s not ideal either. The kids inevitably break down in tears when I tell them they have to pull it apart because I need my chairs back for dinner.

We recently got this play fort set from Toydle to set up awesome structures in the living room without having to dismantle the whole house. Assembly is easy, all you need to do is pop the ends of the poles into the provided blocks, and you’ve got a fort.


The kit came with a handful of clips as well so we could cover the structure with blankets and sheets to make it even more awesome. I love how well the clips held everything together and how easy they were for the kids to use on their own. It’s super sturdy, and HUGE- perfect for all four of my kids playing together!



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