Thanksgiving Turkey Headband Craft

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours!

I wanted to quickly take a second to share with you one of the little crafts we’re doing with the kids today in-between cooking in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but the holidays go so much smoother when the little ones have something to do to keep them out from under foot, and this quick craft is a perfect (almost independent) activity for them to work on.


Luckily, our craft materials came pre- assembled in this month’s Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum, but you can make this easily with materials around your home.

All you need to make this adorable thanksgiving turkey headband craft is construction paper in fall colors (red, orange, yellow and brown), googly eyes (or some other white circles for eyes), a glue stick and a stapler.


Cut out a circle for your turkey head, and 2 inch strips of paper from the brown construction paper to form the face and band of your headband. Attach one circle to the first 2 inch strip. Then, cut out feather shapes from the other colors of paper. Glue the feathers on your turkey, and then add eyes and a beak.


To form into a headband, use the remaining 2 inch strips of brown paper, and staple them to your turkey head. Make sure you staple from the inside out, so the staple edges don’t irritate your little one’s skin!

Little Turkey

And that’s it! Easy, and cute!

DSC_0011  This craft came included in our Mother Goose Time curriculum. Each month, there are extra activities and crafts for the holidays and other special occasions (like fire safety week) for you to enjoy with your kids. Today’s activity guide also included ideas for counting (using the feathers for this craft), making a collage of thanksgiving foods, and a thankfulness activity.

MGT Blog Transparent I received a copy of this program free in exchange for sharing about our experience. All opinions are my own.

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