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If you’ve been considering Nancy Larson Science for your kids, today is the day to purchase the program. Starting January 1, their prices will be going up, so to save on Nancy Larson Science, order before December 31. Right now, shipping is also free, so this is the best price you’ll see for the program!

In our home, I’ve taught level one (twice now) and level two. I just love the program, and planning on sticking with it for all my children as long as I can!

Science 1 covers Human Development, Trees, Water, Sun and Soil, Insects, Human Body and Habitats. Science 1 is good for kids ages 5-8.

Science 2 covers Physical Properties of Matter, Rocks and Minerals, Forces and Work, Simple Machines, Sound and Light, and Birds, and is good for kids ages 7-9.

 Nancy Larson Science works because it’s science that gets DONE. I don’t know about you, but in my house, programs that require rounding up supplies, or complicated experiments just give me a head ache and makes it hard to fit in our day. Nancy Larson Science comes with all the materials I need for the lessons, in one easy pack. This saves me a ton of time in rounding things up, and eliminates days where I can’t get a lesson done because I forgot to prep the materials.

The other thing that makes this program easy to teach is that the lesson plans are scripted, so teaching is as easy as opening the manual and following the instructions. There is no prep work at all required, and I don’t even need to really pre-read the lessons.

If you want to learn more about the program, you can read our detailed review of Science 2 here, and even see a video of a lesson in action here.

Don’t miss these prices if you think this is a program you’ll want to use next year!

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