How to make Sensory Goo without Liquid Starch

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Sensory Goo with Seventh Generation

I’ve been wanting to make sensory goo with the kids for a while, but every recipe I could find required a liquid starch and glue combination. I couldn’t find liquid starch anywhere in our town! Luckily, google came to the rescue, and I learned the boric acid is what reacts with the glue to make the slime, so what we really needed was something with just the right amount of boric acid. I was able to find Seventh Generation Free and Clear detergent, and what do you know, it does the trick!

All you need to do is dump the glue into a bowl, and slowly add the detergent while mixing with your hands, until your goo comes to the right consistency. If your goo is too hard, then add more glue. If it’s too sticky, add more detergent. We learned the trick is to keep on kneading the dough, it takes a while to turn out the way you think it will, so don’t give up mixing too soon! You can add food coloring (if you don’t use glitter glue like we did), glitter, and other small decorations to make your goo more fancy!

We made a video to show you the process, so check it out before you try it in your own home!

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