Telling Time Activity Set

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Telling Time Activity Set

The ability to tell time is such an important facet of a child’s early education! However, it’s definitely something that requires a lot of practice (and – appropriately enough- time) to master. Today, we’re bringing you a fun and interactive Telling Time Activity Set to engage your young learner as he or she works towards mastering this important life skill.

What’s Included :

This 10-page printable activity set includes information to help your young learner understand how clocks work, as well as several pages of different types of time-telling practice!

The activities in this printable include:

  • A chart that explains each part of a clock (and includes handwriting practice for clock terms).
  • A clock mat that you can use to practice writing different times on.
  • A practice page for reading/translating the time shown on an analog clock into digital clock time.
  • A chart that shows expressions for different times of the hour (ex: “half past,” “quarter to,” etc.)
  • A page for practicing recognition of the same time on different styles of clocks.
  • A time conversion chart, for reference.
  • A clock worksheet with blank numbers to fill in.

How to Use It:

The worksheets in this clock activity set help develop different aspects of learning to tell time.  If you can, we highly recommend laminating this set so that your child can practice on these sheets as many times as he or she needs to! Remember to  punctuate your learning by asking your child to figure out the time periodically using an analogue clock at home!

Grab Your Printable Telling Time Activity Set Here


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