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Health and PE for Homeschoolers {Printable Nutrition Game}

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We are *almost* all settled into our new home in Mississippi, so it’s back to homeschool for us. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about how we do health and PE for the kids. Tons of families don’t do anything formal for these subjects outside of seasonal team sports, and we don’t either. You can pick up curriculum relatively inexpensively, but I have found a combination of fun outside play, conversations as a part of daily routines, and a few structured activities are enough for elementary kids.

Our (Almost Daily) Routine

When I am not a hot mess, we do pretty well with this routine. We get up in the morning, and I start work while the kids grab themselves breakfast. It’s the perfect time for me to check emails and make my rounds on social media because, at this point, everyone is still waking up and are not yet bouncing off the walls. The kids are well trained in the art of making cereal, oatmeal, toaster waffles, and eggs.

After breakfast, the kids sit down for formal lessons. They make it an hour or two before getting really wiggily, and at this point, we declare it to be PE time.  We don’t actually call it PE- but that’s what it is- time to get up and get moving and ideally, get outside!

img_5046 img_5043

Our new house is in the perfect neighborhood. We’re living on base, so traffic is limited and the streets are nice and wide with big sidewalks. There are plenty of homeschoolers in the area so I am not terribly worried about making noise during the day. We can go outside and play to our heart’s content. The kids got new bikes when we arrived, so today, their outside break time consisted of riding their bikes.

On days I don’t want to bring out the bikes, I tend to give the kids challenges, and get them moving in other ways. For example, the kids can race up and down the street, do some high knees and attempt some push-ups (hey, they are military kids- basic style training during playtime works for us).

img_5058 img_5067 img_5064

After 15-20 minutes outside, it’s snack time! We recently found CLIF Kid Zbars® which are made with organic ingredients. CLIF Kids is working on reclaiming play by encouraging children to head outside, have some fun, and feed their adventures.

Outside playtime is so important- when the kids come back inside, they are more able to sit down and focus on their lessons with a positive attitude. I can always see the difference in my kids on days where they don’t get outside to play. I remember spending tons of time outside when I was a child, and I really want my kids to have the same experience. Luckily, homeschooling makes it pretty easy for them to have extra playtime outside!

img_5084 img_5074

Did you know? Play is disappearing at home, in school and in communities.  While 70% of moms played outside when they were kids only 31% of their kids play outside today! 

img_5021 img_5026

This week, we added a new game to our health and nutrition studies. After we came in from playtime, we sat down to check out the new game. Playing is easy- print and go. If you have more than three kids, I’d recommend printing two copies of each of the food item sheets so you have enough to go around. Have each player roll the die and collect their food items to fill their plate. When they run out of room on their plate, they can start trading items when they roll. When they feel they have a healthy meal in front of them, they declare their meal to be balanced, and Mom (or Dad) gets to look around the circle, talk about each child’s selections, and choose a winner.

img_5034 img_5090-2

Homeschooling health and PE doesn’t have to be an overwhelming thing. Simply get your kids outdoors, and tie in educational activities when you can! You can find tons of health resources on Pinterest, and pick up this game in our shop.

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Next time you are at the market, pick up some CLIF Kid Zbars® to try with the kids- they are packed with the nutrition active kids need, in flavors they’ll love!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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