Solar Eclipse Paper Model

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Learning about (and watching) a solar eclipse is lots of fun for kids and adults! (Be sure to practice eye safety during a solar eclipse! It’s never safe to look directly at the sun–even during an eclipse. To find out more about how to safely view a solar eclipse, click on this article by NASA: Eye Safety During a Total Solar Eclipse.)

If you want to help your children learn more about what a solar eclipse is, we’ve created a simple paper model for you to use! You’ll need two brads to put it together, but other than that, this is a print-and-go resource! (We do recommend printing on cardstock to make it easier to use.)


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  1. Did you use three strips of paper or only two? It looks like two in the paper, but the document has three. Please explain. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lauren!
      We used just one because we are out of town at my parents’ house and they didn’t have cardstock. The shorter strip was the best option with thinner paper. If you have thicker paper, you could use the second strip to make the distance between the sun and the earth longer. It’s in the pack just to give you a bit more flexibility in how you put it together. Hope that helps!

    1. Doreen – Welcome to OPC! You don’t need to pay for it- you just need to pop a zero in the box (where it asks you to put in the amount you want to pay) and it’s free. Easy Peasy.

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