Let’s Study the Arctic Food Chain

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Have you ever thought about how simple things like food chains differ so much from one area to another? Today is the first in a series of articles and printables we’ll be sharing with you about food chains in different areas of the world. The first article and printable in this series is this Arctic Food Chain Coloring Book. It’s simple enough for younger children to use but can easily be a great jumping off point for a study for children who are a little older too!

Our children probably don’t often stop to think about food chains and how animals in different areas of the world get their food. They may possibly be familiar with a food chain in one area of the country, one continent, or one group of animals, but they’ve probably never really stopped to think about the fact that food chains differ tremendously among different animals in different places.

Spark their Curiosity

Older students can do some research to learn more about the areas where each animals lives, the kind of habitat each one likes, and more specific information about how the food chain works and if there are any variations that aren’t included in this coloring book. Have them write a short report about one or more of the animals included in the food chain or a report about how the food chain works or even the area that the animals inhabit.

We’re going to help remedy that problem and help your children have some fun learning about lots of different food chains!


One of the easiest ways to introduce this study is to use a great documentary on the Arctic. We always recommend that you preview any video before allowing your children to watch them! Here is one that would certainly spark our curiosity!  


Books to Read Together

For younger children, you can read a book together or just use this resource to talk about the names of the different animals and to talk about how/where they get their food. Your younger children can also use this resource to work on handwriting skills, eye/hand coordination and coloring, and animal identification.

Whether you have younger children (preschoolers or lower elementary ages) or upper elementary children, these resources will be great for you!  

This Arctic Food Chain coloring book includes a completed food chain along with pictures of each of the animals in the chain. All of the pages (except the cover page) are black and white so your students can color them. Each page also includes the name of the animal which can be traced for handwriting practice and for help remembering the name of the creature and its place in the food chain.

No matter how you decide to use it, we think you’ll enjoy this coloring book and the others that are coming in this series!

To get your Arctic Food Chain coloring book, click here!


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