Martin Luther King Printables

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Since the holiday is coming up soon, I have been working on putting together a couple activities to do with the kids for Martin Luther King day. So far, I have put together a copywork and memory pack to use with the kids to help them learn some of the quotes from his famous “I have a Dream” speech.

Martin Luther King Printable Pack

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These Martin Luther King Printables include:

5 copy work pages with 5 different quotes to choose from. I tried to choose a variety of quotes, so you can pick one suited to your child’s abilities, as well as the message you’d like them to learn from the quote.

2 coloring pages to involve the little ones.

2 note booking pages, one with room for your child to write their reflections on the meaning of the quotes, or their own dreams for the future, and one with blank space for younger kids to illustrate their thoughts on the quotes, or dreams for the future.

1 vocabulary page with room for children to define some of the more difficult/abstract words from the quotes.

1 pocket chart quote, which also includes image cards so you can remove words from the quote to practice memorizing the passage. You can also print this section 2 or 4 pages per sheet and make an individual mix-up passage challenge, or add magnets to use the quote on the fridge.

Get the Martin Luther King Printables in our Shop!

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