Poetry Study on The Crocodile by Lewis Carroll

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April is National Poetry Month! Today, we’re bringing you a whimsical, poetry-based study that is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem, “The Crocodile.” If you have any Alice in Wonderland fans at home, they will likely recognize this fun poem from Carroll’s famous children’s book! This beautifully illustrated printable unit helps guide students through this poem, focusing on meaning as well as rhyme scheme. There’s also a section to prompt further research, as well as copy work pages that kids can use to help them learn the poem by heart while practicing their print and cursive skills. This would be a great themed study to incorporate in your homeschool during National Poetry Month!

What Age Should I Use This For?

This poetry study could easily be used for most elementary-aged kids, and even for some middle-school aged children as well. If you’re working with younger kids, you’ll want to guide them more carefully through the information and help them research some of the questions. Older children can do this more independently. That said, the study of poetry is something that doesn’t really have an age limit. Likewise, Alice in Wonderland is a story that both younger and older kids can enjoy—so just use your judgment on what your kids can do with this one! We think it’s adaptable to a pretty wide age range.

What’s Included:

This Lewis Carroll inspired unit includes 5 printable pages. These feature:

  • 1 illustrated page with the full text of the poem.
  • 1 page overviewing the basics of some of the poem’s vocabulary and explaining its rhyme scheme.
  • 2 pages of research questions that prompt children to dig deeper as they think about this poem (especially great for older kids!)
  • 2 pages of copy work with the full text of the poem (1 print and 1 cursive.) This also helps with memorization!

How to Get it:

To grab this poetry themed study on The Crocodile by Lewis Carroll, just click the link below!

Click Here to Download This Poetry Unit!


Are you celebrating National Poetry Month in your homeschool? What are your favorite poetry-related learning ideas?


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