The Productive Homeschooler: Emeals Slow Cooker Plan {and Giveaway!}

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With everything on my plate- teaching, cleaning, playing with kids, being an awesome mom…..
I really struggle with cooking dinner.

When Hubby and I started dating, we fell for each other in the kitchen. I’m a good cook, and he is a great cook. We spent many dates cooking together, and making new, delicious dishes. When we got married, we continued cooking together, and it was wonderful.

Then, he went back to school. A year ago, when I realized I was on my own when it came to dinner time (and also, that the creativity and spark belonged to him and not me) I found eMeals.

Creole Pork Roast

eMeals is a service that provides you with a weekly dinner plan, complete with recipes and shopping list. If you pick a store you typically shop at, they’ll even keep an eye on sales, and plan your meals around what is a good deal that week.

I found that when it’s all on me, I end up in meal ruts. For a while there, it was all about the hamburger helper (or worse, Taco Bell) because I was just too tired to cook, let alone plan healthy meals.

This year, eMeals has saved us. They have a new Slow Cooker plan, and with it, I am able to save a considerable amount of time, and everyone is eating well. I love not having to plan ANYTHING, and cooking is a breeze because I throw the ingredients in the crock pot before I head to bed, pop it in the fridge overnight, and then just turn it on to cook the next morning.

I’m really impressed with the Slow Cooker eMeals Plan- I really hadn’t thought much about the things I could do with my nifty old crockpot. I was good with a pot roast, but not much else. eMeals has brought a new life into it. This week, we had all sorts of good things, Creole Pork Roast, Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, Chicken Chili, and Sunday Squash Casserole. These meals were all creative, and yummy, and had plenty of fresh ingredients.

Chicken and Black Bean Chili

If you’re not into the crock pot, they do have tons of other meal plans. I will admit to being a meal plan hopper, only because they are all so good and have their strengths. When you pick a plan, you get weekly emails with a PDF of the menu plan. I print them off and keep them in a binder, so the recipes I really love, I can always come back to and make again. You are able to change plans once a month, so if you want to try something new, you can.

We’re tried the paleo plan, simple gourmet, low carb, and the natural and organic plan. These days, I am on a bit of a special diet (Trim Healthy Mama) and while I wouldn’t call it a strange or restrictive diet, I do have to pay attention to what I eat. I think it’s really valuable to note that I have not had any issues adapting any of the plans to our specific dietary requirements.

During the year, I did add the breakfast and lunch plans to my account (on my own dime) to give them a try. I liked both of these plans too! It’s too much for me to cook all three meals in the day, but I loved having lots of new recipes (and easy to use shopping lists) in my arsenal. This week, I made the french toast sandwiches for the kids and I for a special school day brunch. The kids had the recipe as written, with peanut butter filling, and I adapted mine with a greek yogurt filling. It was SO good.

Strawberry French Toast

eMeals is a lifesaver for busy families- it saves you so much time on meal planning, shopping, and cooking. If you are looking for a way to have a little more time in the day, eMeals is a great place to start.

Enter to Win

eMeals is offering one of my lucky readers a free three month dinner plan subscription so you can give this program a try. I am sure that you’ll love it! Use the rafflecopter form below to enter to win.

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  1. I definitely need plans!! Whipping up meals is really a big deal for me. I usually go with premade stuff or order out.

  2. Wow! I would love this. Homeschooling 3 while wrangling a toddler meas I don’t get the kitchen time I would like. I used to cater and bake cakes as a business, so it’s sad to eat mediocre meals…

    1. The one shown has greek yogurt with just a pinch of Truvia and strawberries. I felt so spoiled, we NEVER get strawberries here out of season, but the commissary brought some in from somewhere. CRAZY expensive, but totally worth it to have a taste of spring!

      The kids had the same thing but with peanut butter.

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