Continent Maps Stitching Activity

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Do you struggle to teach your kids about geography? Sometimes it’s a challenge to know how to help your kids understand this amazing world in which we live. This continent maps stitching activity is a fun hands-on project to help your children learn to recognize the shape of the seven continents. It is also a craft that will help your child hone their fine motor skills through sewing.

continent maps stitching activity

List of Supplies for Continent Maps Activity

Here are the supplies you’ll need for the continent maps project. You can choose either colorful cardstock or white cardstock as the background for the continent templates. You can also choose either yarn or embroidery floss. The thicker paper and yarn are probably better for younger kids while the thinner paper and embroidery floss might be a better option for older children.

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  • Colored cardstock papers
  • Needle
  • Colored yarn or embroidery floss
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
Continent Maps - supplies needed

Templates for the continent maps

Instructions for Continent Maps Stitching Activity

Step 1:

Print and cut out the continent maps from the template. Select and prepare cardstock paper for each continent. Trace the continent maps on individual cardstock paper.

Select yarn or embroidery floss for the continents according to the Montessori color scheme. Let’s start out our continent maps project by stitching Europe.

Continent Maps: red floss and Europe continent

Step 2:

Tie a knot or two at the open end of the attached strand. Draw the needle through any point along the traced map line; make sure to draw the needle from the backside of the cardstock paper.

We started our stitching from the narrow end of the map. We will stitch straight lines from one side of the continent to the opposite end.

Continent Maps: red floss pulled up to begin stitching the Europe continent

Step 3:

Draw the needle to the backside. Then pull the needle to the front again, keeping a cm or less space with the previous point along the same side.

Continent Maps: red floss stitching west side of Europe continent

Step 4:

Continue to repeat the process and try to keep even gaps between every two strands while stitching straight lines.

Continent Maps: red floss almost done stitching the Europe continent

Step 5:

Some parts of the map might be tricky to stitch, as some parts of the continent maps are wider and some are narrower; you might need to use the same point twice or more on one end to make up for this difference in the continent’s shape.

Continent Maps: red floss stitching top part of the Europe continent

Step 6:

Continue to stitch until the entire map is covered. Once you are done, draw the needle to the backside and tie a knot with the strand on the backside. This will secure the end of the stitch and make sure that it doesn’t unravel. You can cut off the extra floss or yarn if you still have quite a bit of string remaining.

Continent Maps - Europe continent complete

Steps 7 and 8:

One by one, stitch the rest of the continent maps.

Continent Maps - all seven continents stitched with different colors of yarn or floss

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