My little baby is all grown up!

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Today, I had one of those proud Mama moments where I start bawling like a baby, embarrassing my whole family.

Bug is growing up, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.


Newborn Bug, opening his eyes for the first time

 Taking his first steps


His first birthday

We were driving down the road, and he was being more quiet then normal. I asked him if something was wrong, and he said “No, I just saw that sign said “Tax Free”…. What does that mean?”

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but it is. A HUGE deal. He read “Tax Free”, by himself, in his head. He didn’t need to sound it out, he simply read it.  I’ve noticed him working things out in his head the last couple days, but this is the first time he was confident enough to announce that he can READ.

I’ve said before that teaching the kids to read is the one thing that really scares me about being responsible for their education. It seems like such a tall order, to not only teach the mechanics of reading, but also how to understand it, and enjoy it. I am so relieved that Bug is well on his way, and what we are doing is working!

I am taking him to the bookstore this morning to pick out any book he wants, and to eat the biggest cinnamon roll I can get my hands on. He deserves it!


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  1. I love mommy moments like these. My oldest daughter’s reading has really ignited and she is reading all kinds of things now. The other day she was reading Pippi Longstocking to me and I felt so proud of her- and quite proud of myself in all honesty. I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway where he is dancing excitedly around the fire he created. I feel like doing that every so often around my kids when I see those wheels turning.

  2. Good job, Mama! My recent favorite was when we were at a gas station, and my new-to-reading five-year-old asked, “What’s Bud Light?” Yup, it was in the gas station mini-mart window. Priceless.

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