How to Learn the Months in Spanish

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Did you know it’s good exercise for the brain to learn a foreign language? It really is! And one way to help your children (and you) learn Spanish is to use it in regularly in your daily life. So we thought it would be very helpful to have this set of months in Spanish!  

If you like the idea of a Spanish Calendar, you might want to grab this calendar too and use it to teach a word a day!! Then this 7-page printable will be perfect for helping your children (or yourself!) learn to read, write, and say the months of the year in Spanish! There are several ways to use these pages, or you can make up your own ways!

  • There are flash cards with the months of the year in English and cards with the months of the year in Spanish. You can cut the cards apart and use them as a matching game. (You may want to laminate them so they’ll last longer.)
  • You’ll also get a set of colorful cards with the months of the year in Spanish. These cards include tiny “answer keys,” which just means the English months are written in small print upside down on each card to make them self-checking. If you don’t want the answer on each card, just cut that part off or use White Out to cover it up.
  • You’ll also receive a set of read-and-write cards. These flashcards include the months in English at the top of each card, and they include space for tracing the months in Spanish at the bottom of each card.

No matter how you choose to use these cards, we think you’ll find that they’re perfect for learning the months of the year in Spanish! If you don’t already know them, learn them along with your children. It’s a great example for our kiddos to see us learning right along with them.

Click here to grab your Learning the Months in Spanish printable!

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