Printable Road Playmat and German Road Signs

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Yesterday, I shared about the Love Books Exchange we did with Dusty’s family from To The Moon and Back. The box we sent her was (of course!) a German Themed box. We sent German food, a German songbook, language worksheets, a shopping activity with German food and play Euro, and lots of information about this beautiful country. We also shared with them a little about German road laws, and I sent them this play mat and road signs to play with.

I wanted to share it with you guys too! Dusty glued the road signs onto craft sticks and put them up with play dough. You can also just lay them on the mat, or put them on legos to stand up!

german road

Graphic from the mat in use by Dusty at To The Moon and Back

Get all the printables from her post here:

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German Shopping List

Ink Saver- Play Mat

Play Mat

Printable Street Signs- German

Free Printable Playmat for Kids

A special thanks to Scrappin Doodles for the adorable graphics (license). See all our Printables!

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  1. These are so cute! But when I click on each of the links, it takes me to a page that gives me a 404 message – error, not found. Where can I find these printables? Thank you!

    1. Irene- I am trying to locate these files- I’ll let you know as soon as I do and fix the links. Thanks for letting me know they are missing!

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