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20 Best Tips for Teaching Reading and Spelling
Notgrass History Curriculum

Free Printables and Downloads

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Printable Base 10 Blocks (multi-colored, MUS style)

Language Arts

Logic of English Lesson Plans Lessons 1-5

Logic of English Lesson Plans Lessons 6-10

Logic of English Printable Phonogram Tiles

Community Helpers Early Reading Pack

Halloween Early Learning Pack

Fall Early Learning Pack

Organization and “Workboxes”

Workbook Cards are being updated and will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!

Batman reward chart

Weekly Schedule Sheet- Example, editable

Superman reward chart

Travel Schooling Record Keeper (detailed, one trip per sheet)

Travel and Field Trip Record  (brief, 4 trips per sheet)

Home Library Organization {Free Printable}

Home Library Organization High School Expansion Pack

Curriculum Planning, Budgeting and Used Purchases Forms


Ancient History:

Story of the World Lesson Plans (arranged geographically, secular) 3 days a week
**The story of passover and the birth of Jesus are included at the point where we have our Christmas break, the chapter on the exodus has been left out in it’s entirety. File is a .doc, so you can edit it to make it work for your family**

Timeline Cards- Fertile Crescent and Jericho
**These are in the same style (same size and shape) to go with the awesome timeline cards from Hannah’s Homeschool Helps Yahoo Group. I added to our set with things I wanted my kids to know and remember, we use them with Hannah’s cards for memory and timeline work. Check out her Yahoo Group for your own set of timeline cards to go with these!

Middle Ages History:

Story of the World II Lesson Plans with Passport Middle Ages
This study can be used in conjunction with the free lesson plans for literature at Classical House of Learning Literature. Many of the Lit selections are also used in her program. Story of the World II (the European chapters only) have scheduled along side Passport Middle Ages.
Middle Ages Schedule Overview with Reading
Parent Guide Medieval Times Only Passionate Curiosity *detailed checklist to use with overview*
Middle Ages Recommended Reading

Circle Time:

June-July-August Farm Themed Calendar Cards for Pocket Chart
July-August-September Community Helpers Themed Calendar Cards for Pocket Chart
September-October-November Insect Themed Calendar Collection
Halloween Themed Calendar Collection



Day Trips from Wiesbaden


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  • Hi there,

    Thank you for all your freebies and info! I’m going to start homeschooling in the fall and am researching like crazy! Are your plans for Story of the World 2 gone? The link isn’t working.

    • They are currently misplaced 🙁 When we moved, I lost a harddrive, and some of the files got damaged on our last server move. I’m looking for the missing stuff, and I’ll email you when I find it!

  • Thank you for the MUS downloads! I have one question please…For Math U see – how long do you take for each book? It isn’t broken into grades and I have just started it, but to be honest, it looks like my son could finish a whole unit in a day. There doesn’t seem to be too many practice questions.

    • Honestly, I don’t use MUS as our main program. I use the techniques (the blocks, and methods) to reenforce our other curriculum and provide more visual and hands on support when it’s needed. That being said, I *think* most kids take a year per book, but you should follow your child’s lead. Some will move much quicker through a program than it is intended, and others will need extra support. When homeschooling, that’s okay!

      It sounds like your child may be a little accelerated, which can be pricey- buying books at the rate they eat them up! But, trust your gut on this one, after all, Mama does know best! Good luck!