Let’s Play Sugar Cookie Games

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These Sugar Cookie Printable Games are perfect for printing for your children when you know they’ll need something to stay occupied for a few minutes. Or print them to play with your children for a few minutes of time together!

On the first page, you’ll find a game called Cookie Transfer. It’s great for working on eye/hand coordination and writing skills. Your child simply follows the line from the bottle of icing at the top to the cookie at the bottom. Then he or she writes the letter on the line under the cookie. Once that’s done for all 8 cookies, you’ll see a word.

On the second page is a tic-tac-toe game. This is perfect for playing once (if you only have a few minutes) or for playing over and over (if you need to kill some time and want to have something fun to do). In fact, if you print and laminate all 3 pages of games, you’ll be able to use them over and over!

On the last page of games, there’s a Crossword Cookies crossword puzzle! (There’s also an answer key.) Of course all of the questions have to do with cookies. 🙂

To download your own Sugar Cookie Printable Games, just go to our store! Simply click the link below to go there.

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If playing our sugar cookie-related games makes you feel like baking and decorating your own sugar cookies, go for it! On our sister site, Love These Recipes, we’re sharing a delicious sugar cookie recipe along with instructions for decorating them. You can use holiday-related cookie cutters and coordinating icing colors to make these cookies for a holiday or birthday. Or you can make them any time just because you want to enjoy baking and decorating (and eating!) them with your children! To get the recipe and decorating instructions, just click the link below.

Click this link to find the Easy Decorated Sugar Cookies recipe!

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