Perfect Soft Sugar Cookies {Made with Love}

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recipe for perfect soft sugar cookies

Little Miss and I spent the morning making batch after batch of sugar cookies for our cookie decorating party today. I just love this recipe because it gives you the perfect, soft and fluffy cut out cookies every time- a lot like those lofthouse ones you get from the grocery store.

***The trick with this dough is not panicking about the “sticky”- when you are done mixing they WILL look like they need more flour… resist the urge to add it. Pop it in the fridge at least two hours (or the freezer if you have less time) and get it as cold as possible. Then, when you go to roll them out, put a large amount of flour down. I plop a big scoop of dough on the flour, flip it to coat it well (really well!) and then roll out, adding more flour as needed. Whatever you do, don’t knead the flour in, just get a nice thick coat on the outside of the dough. Make sure you flour your spatula too, so it will scoop them off your table/rolling board easily! Return the bowl of dough to the fridge between batches to keep it cold and easy to work with.***


lofthouse style soft sugar cookies


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  1. I love soft and fluffy sugar cookies! I’ve never liked the thin, crispy ones! I love that you let Little Miss make cookies in her fancy dress! I make my cookies with mayo, which sounds weird, but they are delish! I agree about buttercream!

    1. Oh my- I am SO glad you commented, I left out the sour cream from this when I typed it up! LOL Thank you for mentioning Mayo to remind me about the sour cream!

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