Chocolate Chunk Banana Nut Blender Muffins

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Recently things have been pretty hectic here at our house. We took an impromptu trip to Disney during a road trip to the Tampa Bay area, then when we returned home we only had two and half weeks to finish packing up our house before moving twenty minutes south, and closer my husband’s current duty station. Now we are frantically unpacking so we can be ready to fly out to Colorado for a few weeks while my husband completes training. With all the craziness I wanted to find an easy, low mess recipe for a treat that would be good for traveling and sharing with all the wonderful people who would be helping us during this hectic time.

Online I found countless different versions of blender muffins, and I loved the concept but couldn’t find a recipe without honey. I don’t have anything against honey, I just try to avoid using it with foods we feed our daughter since she is still so young. So I decided it was time to make my own blender muffin recipe.
I personally liked the idea of chunks of something different rather than muffins that had the same texture throughout. I settled on using chopped nuts and dark chocolate chunks. You can substitute either or both with anything you would like, or even just omit them completely if you would like. Just remember whatever you decide to add you need to keep separate from the rest of the ingredients that get thrown in the blender.
This blender muffins are really as easy as you would expect and can be mixed completely in your blender, no need to make a mixing bowl dirty. Just put the chopped nuts and chocolate chunks off to the side, and put all of the other ingredients into your blender.IMG_2643
Mix until it looks just like any other muffin batter, then use a spoon or spatula to stir in your chopped nuts and chocolate chunks. I recommend removing your blender from the base before stirring everything in, just so you don’t accidentally turn the blender on while you are stirring.  Believe it or not this time I am not speaking from experience, but because it is something I could totally see me doing. Luckily, due to my lack of vertical abilities, I had to remove my blender first, because I couldn’t see in to stir in my extras otherwise.
Then all you need to do is put the cupcake liners in your cupcake tray, and bake. I love using fun print cupcake liners to add a little pop of color, especially when we plan on sharing with others.
They really are the easiest muffins I’ve ever made, and by only having dirtied our blender and one muffin tray my clean up was all done in the dishwasher!
IMG_2670 (1)

taraHi, I’m Tara. I am a military spouse and mommy of one. I love that recipes can be used as learning tools for children. A good recipe with lots of ingredients at deferent measurements is the perfect yummy addition to any math or science lesson! In my free time I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband, two crazy puppies and adorable little girl. I share our military life adventures, kitchen creations and kid friendly crafts over at An Aiming High Wife, come visit anytime! You can also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest!



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