Kids in the Kitchen: Fast & Easy Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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The holidays are upon us.  I love the season and absolutely adore spending time in the kitchen baking for those that I love.  Occasionally amidst the hustle and bustle with the combination of all of our kids activities plus holiday festivities I sometimes need a treat that I can make quickly.  If you are running behind but need a special Christmas dessert, whip up a batch of these Fast & Easy Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

Ingredients Needed


  • Boxed cake mix (any flavor) plus ingredients listed on the package
  • Can of frosting (I bought green but you could also buy white and color it with green food coloring)
  • Peeps Marshmallow Trees
  • Christmas Dots


  • Mix and bake cupcakes according to package
  • Cool completely
  • Frost with green frosting
  • Stick the Marshmallow Tree on top of the cupcake so it is standing up
  • Place the Holiday Dots around the tree as ornaments


My kids love helping make cupcakes, they take turns adding ingredients to the stand mixer and love to put the papers into the muffin tins.  When it is time to decorate they get so excited (I’m sure its just hanging out with me not the idea of eating frosting and candy).

Viola!  In under 3 hours – from start to finish you will end up with some adorable Christmas Tree cupcakes.  An added bonus – a lot of the 3 hours is not time you are actively involved (baking time and cooling time) so you could be working on your other endless chores like laundry, dishes, running around like a crazy lady, napping, or wrapping presents, etc.


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ShannonArceMy name is Shannon and I am currently a stay at home mom to my two children, Boo Boo, is my six-year-old girl and Buddy – my five-year-old boy.  I love to bake and enjoy planning activities for the kids.  I am a Disney loving Mama and working on creating Disney loving kids!  Join me over on my blog Crafty Mama in ME, or let’s chat on social media: FacebookPinterestIntstagram and Twitter!

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