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Our 2013-2014 School Year Plans

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Our Homeschool Curriculum and Plans for 2013-2014

I know I am posting a lot this week- bear with me! There are a bunch of fantastic Homeschool events running as everyone gears up for back to school, and I don’t want to miss out! Besides, who doesn’t love hearing about curriculum? This is my favorite part about homeschooling, when everything is new and fresh. The kids are excited, I feel well rested, and I feel like I can handle anything!

Some of you who follow my Facebook page may be a little surprised here, because just a couple weeks ago, I posted that we started a new school year. And we did, for like two days. And then, something happened, and we have a new plan.

Long story short, our local school has a wonderful option of allowing Homeschooled children to attend school for just “specials”. This means I can bring the kids for an hour or two a day, and they can take classes like Music, Art, PE, Spanish and German at no cost to me. I’ve been in and out of the office a million times trying to work out the details, but I feel comfortable now saying that my kiddos are going to try this out. It will be a very different “normal” for us, but I am optimistic that it will work. Worst case scenario, we give it a try, and we end up deciding to not continue after the first quarter.

With that in mind, we are changing from a year around schedule, to a traditional school schedule, following what the public school here does. It’s given me another month of summer vacation, and no one here is complaining! Until School starts officially, the kids are doing light summer work. Bug is working on Time 4 Learning’s 3rd grade program (review coming soon!) and Beast Academy 3A . Mr. Man is finishing up Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten, and is working with me and Super Star Speech.


Without Further Adieu, our 2013-2014 School Year Plans


Bug 2nd Grade (ish)

Oak Meadow Grade 3– We will continue using this for Social Studies, Science, and the Folk Tales- basically, everything but the Math section (because Bug is more advanced than it)
Moving Beyond the Page Literature Units, select from 7-9- We will use these slowly, aiming for about one each month or two. They cover literature, grammar and writing.
Logic of English Essentials– Bug has officially finished his first time through this program focusing on reading, so we are doing it again with a spelling and grammar focus.
Prima Latina– Latin
Singapore 3B and Beast Academy 3B– let me tell you how excited we are to be DONE with Singapore 3A. Long division and multiplication tables are enough to make me crazy- But Bug mastered it!


Mr. Man Kinder

Moving Beyond the Page 5-7 and/Or Oak Meadow 1. Oh my decisions, decisions! 
Handwriting Without Tears Grade 1
Singapore Math 1A
Logic of English Foundations A
Song School Latin 1


Emmy- Tot School

Flowering Baby 2-3
Before Five in a Row


Field Trip Friday

We will continue exploring Europe’s Medieval history, and do our unit study that incorporates Story of the World 2, Passport Middle Ages, and Living Books.


Unit Studies

I am easily distracted, so we do a lot of unit studies on top of the above listed to keep me feeling like everything is new and fresh. We’ll continue with the Schoolhouse Review Crew as long as they’ll have us, and explore a lot of units with them, and do some Five in a Row units to break things up every now and then.


Extra Curricular Activities, Sports and other Fun Stuff

Bug is moving on to Tap II this year, and Mr. Man will do Tap I.  Bug will continue attending the Art classes I teach at the USO. Mr. Man will join me when he turns 6.

I am not sure what “specials” the kids will be taking at the school, but right now, I am thinking they’ll do PE, Music and Spanish. It will depend on the timing of the classes, so I won’t be able to make this decision until the school calender comes out!

Both Boys will play Baseball in the spring (Mr. Man can’t WAIT to be on a team that plays “real games” this year!).

Both Boys are continuing with Adventus Piano. Bug is on level 2, and Mr. Man is just getting started!



I’m linking up with the “Not Back to School Blog Hop” from iHomeschool- Check it out!

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