5 Days of Free and Frugal Homeschooling: Preschool and Kindergarten

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Cheap-and-Free-Preschool and Kindergarten


Preschoolers and Kindergarteners are a blast- but oh my, do they need to be taught a LOT! Here are some of my favorite resources for teaching little ones on the cheap!


Free Preschool and Kindergarten Programs: 

Brightly Beaming Resources has a wonderful free letter of the week program.

Montessori for Everyone has Montessori Printables

Confessions of a Homeschooler‘s Letter of the Week program is free (her other programs are also very frugal)

1+1+1=1 has many free printable preschool and tot packs– as well as a frugal Preschool program

3 Dinosaurs has many free printable tot packs also

Starfall‘s Phonics Program is free, and they have tons of fun games to play

Progressive Phonics has free printable phonics readers

Reading Bear is more free phonics

Wee Folk Art has an amazing nature centered preschool/kinder program


Frugal Preschool and Kindergarten Programs: 

The Homegrown Preschooler– seriously, you need this book. My friend called it Pinterest on steroids. So many fantastic ideas for EVERYTHING you ever want to know about having a preschooler. I wish I had picked up a copy years ago.

Slow and Steady Get Me Ready (for kids from Birth to 5)

Get Ready for the Code– Phonics Workbooks

Before Five in a Row– Picture book based unit studies for kids 2-4



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  1. Great tips! We include our oldest, age six, in grocery shopping. It can provide a great opportunity to help teach them wants vs. needs and using our budget to get what we need.

    1. They still have there free sections for each season but it just lists the books and activities you are to use and not really how to use the program.

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