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National Symbols Notebooking Pages

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National Symbols Notebooking Pages

I am so excited about our newest pack. We have lived in the DC area for almost two years, and I am ashamed to admit that we haven’t spent nearly enough time downtown at the monuments.

This summer, I am going to fix that. I plan on using this pack with the kids while we explore the city and have them use the pages to write about the monuments we see and their experience. You can also use these pages for research about the events or people honored by the monuments if you aren’t close enough to visit them yourself.

This pack contains 13 American landmarks and symbols, including:

Air Force One
The Statue of President Lincoln
The Lincoln Monument
The Jefferson Monument
The Washington Monument
The Statue of Liberty
Mount Rushmore
The American Flag
The Eagle
The White House
The Liberty Bell
The WWI Memorial
And, an “I’m Proud to be an American Notebooking Page”

(and yes, I know not ALL of these are in DC, but hey, what we can see in DC is a good start for our summer adventures!)

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