Mother Goose Monday: Why Choose Mother Goose Time

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All this week, I am going to be featuring our top choices in curriculum in a series about why these programs work for us. Today, I am featuring Mother Goose Time (read our complete review), a complete preschool program that I typically share each Monday in our “Mother Goose Monday” series.

So- why does it work? Preschool is one of those things that many homeschoolers skip over. I totally understand why- I mean, little kids can learn through play, and it’s a lot of work, and most of us have older kids who really require our attention.

It isn’t extra work for me

I have two older kids who really need my time, attention, and energy each day. When Bug was little, I had time to create fun unit studies for him, and print off materials, and make preschool fun and creative. With the third child, so much time is spent on the older kids- I need to focus my planning and attention on the fourth grade, not on preschool.

Mother Goose Time has everything assembled and ready to go for me, so it is literally no extra work planning. Each day, I just pull out our baggie of daily work, open it up, and go. The directions are all there, the materials are all there, and it’s done.

DSC_0562 Coloring her daily page while the boys do Math with Mama

It’s complete

Mother Goose Time is so much more than crafts and ABC’s (which is about all I was doing before we got started with this program). It has everything. There is well made children’s music, which we dance and sing along with. We learn about colors, and numbers. There is a fun, educational monthly theme. This month, we are learning all about birds, everything from their life cycle, to what they eat, and how their beaks work. Next month, we’ll learn all about insects. There are science projects, sigh language words, Spanish vocabulary, physical activities, cooking projects, and so much more. I would never have thought to teach my preschooler all this on my own!

DSC_0468 Who needs a PE program? We have Mother Goose Time

It saves me money

I didn’t realize this at first, but despite costing about 60 dollars per month, Mother Goose Time is saving me money. If I want to do a craft, I don’t have to buy a whole bag of Popsicle sticks, or google eyes, or other strange material. If I need one straw, the straw is included. So is the one paper plate, or small baggie of sequins. It has exactly what I need without me ever having to make a quick run to the store where I am forced to buy 12 plastic cups when I only need one.

I also am getting a new music CD each month, a new well done picture book each month, a couple games, and huge amounts of high-quality printed materials…. that I don’t have to pay to print. Cha-Ching…. that all adds up.

DSC_0587 I only want TWO feathers…. not a 5 dollar bag of them

It is reusable

Now, it’s not meant to be re-used….. so I don’t mean that you could use your program and then sell it. You can’t really. But what you can do is organize you materials in such a way that you can enjoy them again and again. I laminate the puzzles and games, and keep them in baggies to be played with again and again.

I also spiral bound the craft sheets, so now I have a booklet of crafts I can use with any child, and I saved the science cards and other activities to be used again for unit studies in the future.

DSC_0570 Bird Life Cycle Wheel? Moved to the science box for future use….

It’s fun!

Mostly, Mother Goose Time works for us because Little Miss loves it. And I love having special time with her each day. I’ve told you before that the easiest way to homeschool with a small child in the house is to “fill their cup” each day. Little ones need your time and attention too. They need things to keep them busy. They need something special for them, and they need to exercise their little brains. It’s a bonus to me that Em is learning while playing and getting her special Mama time with me each day.
DSC_0594 Big brother joining in for the Participation Story

If you’re looking for a Preschool Program

I strongly recommend you check out Mother Goose Time. This monthly  subscription program will give you everything you need to have a complete preschool program in your home. It can be used at day care centers, for home care, or on a homeschool setting, and I have never seen anything as good as this program on the market.

You can try it over the summer to see how you like it by using any of their super fun summer themes. June is a bit of a review month, giving an overview of all the colors, numbers, and letters and is a Treasure Island theme. July is Super Heroes, and August is a Camping theme, which are both going to be tons of fun for the summer. Also, the summer months (July and August) have an art project EVERY DAY which is going to be tons of fun.

Then, September starts with all new themes for the next school year. You can save a bit too by ordering multiple months at once, save 10% by ordering 3-5 months at once, 15% for ordering 6-9 months, and 20% for ordering 9-12 months at once.

Mother Goose Time Review

Introducing the Mother Goose Monday Link Up!

I’m teaming up with my good friend Nicole over at Journey to Josie who also just started using Mother Goose Time with her little boy. Both of us are working on different monthly themes, but we thought it would be tons of fun to host a preschool link up together.

Although this is primarily a Mother Goose Time link up, you don’t have to be using Mother Goose Time to join in on the fun. Please be sure that your post is preschool related, and posted recently. Share your post with us here!

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