Wordless (wordy) Wednesday: Mother Goose Time Fun

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So I just have to say a COUPLE things. Do you see then nifty counting monkeys (this week Little Miss practiced the numbers 3 and 13) and the pattern blocks we used this week? Both were included in our Mother Goose Time curriculum box. This week we also got a new story book to read. We’ve been using Mother Goose Time since last winter, and I have to tell you, they have totally upped their game. The program was always solid and well done, but this school year, they have more full color materials, more manipulaties, and more “goodies” in the box. The quality has just gotten better and better, and I am *loving* it. 

This past week, we learned all about the layers of the Rainforest which was awesome, because frankly, even I didn’t know anything about them! Em experimented with wet and dry (and did some wet and dry art with chalk), played a board game, made some crafts, and got hours of entertainment out of her counting monkeys. 

This post is short and sweet (I have no idea where my Monday post ended up…. I feel like I have been walking in a fog the last couple days!) but I’m so excited about the fun we have planned for the rest of the month. The closer I get to my due date, the less energy I have, but it’s been pretty easy to pull out our preschool bags each day to have some special one on one time with our current littlest kiddo. We’ve got lots of animal crafts to do, and the “bonus bag” this month is for Thanksgiving, so we’ll also have some fun activities to share with you for the holiday. So much fun happening here!

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We are a part of the Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador program. I received this curriculum for free in exchange for blogging about our experience with it. All opinions are my own.

Next Month’s Theme is Winter Wonderland, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC, especially if you want to do some “holiday schooling” with your children. It’s not too late to order!

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