Loving the Little Things

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Right now, Bug is off at PE with a friend and the house is quiet. Missy fought naptime tooth and nail today but I won. She’s fast asleep in her toddler bed. That leaves me, and Mr. Man. He’s not normally the quiet type, but something about this special Mama and Man time leads to magical things.

Things have not always been easy with Mr. Man. I imagine someday, we’ll know better what it is that makes him “different”. For now, he’s just a wild child. I don’t say that because he’s bad. He’s not bad at all. He’s just Mr. Man. Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s wonderful.

It’s so easy to focus on the hard. I need days like today. I need days where I get to just sit down with him, and paint his toenails because he likes them like that. I need to dance with him to the song in Cinderella, and I need to chase him around the house pretending to be chasing Superman.  I need to hear his little voice read me Hop on Pop. I need to make cookies, and eat the whole tray with him.  I need cuddles, and I need to hear his Little Man voice say “I love you.”

This parenting thing can be so hard, especially when my little ones are all so little. Someday, when they are all grown, I want to be able to look back and remember the little things that make parenting even my most wild child 100 percent worth it.

Things like this.


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