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  1. Wonderful pics…we are going to Europe next year, and we had no plans to visit Venice. Your pictures have persuaded me to re-think that. It seems like a city one needs to visit.

    1. If you can fit it in, I highly recommend it. I loved it. Granted, we haven’t been anywhere ELSE in Italy yet, so who knows what the best place is! Rome and the coast are on my bucketlist.

  2. Amazing colors. I love what early morning light does to the world.

    The 2nd to last photo has me a bit frightened – It looks as if there has been a lot of shifting over the years. Those bridges could use some maintenance.

    1. That’s so funny- I hadn’t even noticed while you were there, but looking at this picture now, there definitely is something “off” about it. Nothing FELT off as you walked on them. For as beautiful as it was, the whole city seemed to need a little love and maintenance.

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