Learning about the Moon and Moon Phases

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Most children love learning about the moon! Actually, they love anything to do with outer space. 🙂 I did this easy lesson with my daughter to teach her about the phases of the moon. She just loves looking at the moon in the night sky, so it was kind of fun to sit down and have a little chat with her about it.



Don’t mind the shirt, when a girl in a cast dresses herself, you go with it! 

She is a cute and clever little girl, so she was quick to tell me the moon was like the sun, made up of fire, because it shined so brightly. We discussed how it is in fact made out of rock, and then we made our own moon rocks.

Moon Pics

After that, we played with this adorable moon balance. The kids had a blast exploring the surface of the moon (google earth style!) and the big kids enjoyed learning more from space.com.

After that, the kids and I watched this video on the phases of the moon together:


From there, I let Em run off to play, and the big boys got started on this week’s printable, the phases of the moon.

The phases of the moon

This pack contains a calendar for you to record the phases of the moon, a cut-and-paste moon phase chart, and some work to do with the names of the moon phases. Learning them doesn’t have to be hard! After a month or two of observations, I’m sure your kids will have it down!

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This article was written by Heather–the previous owner of Only Passionate Curiosity.

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