Spring Clean with Little Miss and Her Peanut Butter Addiction

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This  post is part of the #PurellWipes #Shop hosted by #CollectiveBias and their Social Fabric Community. This is my story, and my adorable daughter making a mess.

Do y’all remember Little Miss and her peanut butter? About a year ago, I did the unthinkable, and attempted to go to the bathroom alone while the kids were awake. I tip-toed off, and when I came back, the smell of peanut butter was everywhere. It didn’t take long to figure out why. 

Little Miss had finger painted with the gooey, oily stuff ALL over the hallway. It was down the hall, around the corner, and all over her. She was a mess!

Being the good Mama I am, I grabbed my camera, and recorded the moment for posterity. One day, this kid will be grown, and her own daughter will do something horrific, and I can send it to her for a good laugh.

(I know I have shared it before… multiple times! But, it’s too good!)

I’d love to tell you that she’s grown out of her peanut butter loving, mess making phase, but she hasn’t. She’s still a total disaster, and I love her for it. But oh my gosh, the messes!

Emmy and her Peanut Butter

This kid is a constant challenge to me. Not because she’s a little stinker (although she can be) but because she is constantly making messes. Constantly. And, as the prissy three year old she is, she always needs help when she gets a gooey mess on her hands. I feel like I spend a good portion of my day responding to calls of “Momma! I’m MESSY!” 

Not any more.

Peanut Butter-13 The theme in our home since January has been encouraging independence with the kids, and it has been making all the difference in the cleanliness level of my home. Even with a peanut butter monster under foot. Recently, I found a brand new tool from Purell that is going to help us keep things even more tidy! With little ones especially, a clean home starts with clean hands!


PURELL has new sanitizing hand and face wipes product, which I found in the cleaning section of Walmart right by the other sanitizers and laundry products. I am kind of stoked about these; we had been using generic baby wipes for hands and faces, but they weren’t quite strong enough to do the trick, and they didn’t do much for germs. These bad boys wipe out the germs and the sticky mess! The PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes are nice and big, and have a soft cotton-y feel that the kids enjoy. Best of all, they come in a canister that the kids can use on their own to clean up.

Peanut Butter-01
Peanut Butter-11

I’ve kept a container near the dining table, another in our school space, and a third in the car. It’s been so nice to tell the kids to grab a wipe (and, hand one to their sticky sibling) so they can clean up at home or on the go…. all by themselves.


Little Miss and her peanut butter are not going anywhere any time soon, but at least I have a plan to handle the mess! (p.s. that plan is to let the kids handle it themselves!)

Breakfast Toast


If you’d like to see what kind of mess your kids can make with peanut butter, try Little Miss’ new specialty: ooey gooey, crunchy, fruity breakfast toast. All you need to do is toast a piece of bread, and top it with peanut butter, sliced bananas, blueberries, peanuts, and a drizzle of honey (you know, to make it extra messy)… and then let the kids have at it.

While they are enjoying their sticky treat, make sure you grab this coupon for PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes, after the 17th, you can save $1 on the canister shown here. They also have a Loyalty Program which will save you even more. You can thank me later when the kids are cleaning up their own sticky fingers.

PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes are tough on messes, gentile on hands! They are alcohol free and contain no harsh chemicals, so you can feel confident in their ability to keep your kids germ free safely this spring. Find them at Walmart in the cleaning supplies section.

What’s the biggest mess your child has made?



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