Hands-On STEM Activities

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Kids Craft Room: Bubble Snake Maker

Simple and cheap bubble activity that’s great fun for the garden or bath time.  Includes quick and easy to follow instructions. 

Handmade Kids Art: LEGO Boat Engineering Challenge for Kids

Let kids discover and explore the concept of buoyancy and put their engineering skills to the test as they construct their very own LEGO boat.

Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes: PVC Pipes+Connectors+Water=Physics

Cool water physics experimentation using PVC pipes and connectors. 

Teach Beside Me: Blooming Paper Flowers Experiment

Let kids be mesmerized with this simple yet magical experiment where paper flowers actually bloom when put in water.

Little Bins for Little Hands: Absorption Science Water Experiment for Kids

A great hands-on learning activity that will get the kids thinking about where the water goes. 

Coffee Cups and Crayons: Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids

An amazing experiment of colors where kids will get to have fun as they observe how water travels as if by magic. 

Rhythms of Play: Shadow Art Outdoor Science for Kids

This activity is a fun way to get kids outside to learn and flex their creative muscles while having fun creating art!

Buggy and Buddy: How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag with Recording Sheet

This is a fun science activity for kids which will treat them with a yummy homemade sweet and will also teach them the value of observations and making predictions.  

 Growing a Jeweled Rose: Summer Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

A fun-filled activity which can be done right on the sidewalk. Includes tons of magic and surprises.

Sugar, Spice and Glitter: Kids Kitchen Water Xylophone Science Experiment

A colorful activity that is a great way to explore music, education and science experimentation.

Housing a Forest: Build Your Own Sprinkler

If your weather is still warm, this DIY water sprinkler will be a great way for kids to create and have fun.

Frog, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Color Mixing with Ice Cubes and Water

Learn and explore the fun of color mixing using ice cubes and water.

Playdough to Plato: Crystal Names

Super cool,  hands-on science activity that will surely excite young and old alike as they see their name shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight.

I Can Teach My Child: Mentos Geysers

A fascinating science experiment that is sure to bring a smile to your students.

A Few Shortcuts: How to Make Bouncy Balls

A hands-on activity for kids which will put their focus and attention on creating and enjoying DIY bouncy balls.


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