World Traditions: Saint Lucia Day

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Years and years ago, my husband’s family had an exchange student, Malin, from Sweden (when he and I were teenagers and were dating). Malin told us all about St. Lucia Day and showed us photos of her little sister and herself dressed all in white to celebrate the holiday. It was fascinating to learn about the holidays and celebrations that people in other countries observe. 

If you’d like to do a study of Saint Lucia day with your children, we’re sharing some ideas and resources with you! 

In this printable, you’ll find several pages of information about Saint Lucia Day. You’ll also find some suggestions for ways to extend your study, two coloring pages, a matching game, and a word scramble. Below the link to the printable, you’ll also find some suggestions for other sites where you can find more information.

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Want more ideas and information about Saint Lucia Day? Try the links below!

On Kiddley, you’ll find an article with information about making paper crowns and hats for Saint Lucia Day. Click here to go to the article.

On We Wilsons, there’s information about a different kind of crown you can make using beads and pipe cleaners. Click here to find the information.

Want to make Saint Lucia Saffron Buns with your children? You can find a recipe on Simply Recipes.

And of course you can visit Wikipedia to find out a little more information about Saint Lucia Day if you’d like!

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