I don’t know if I can homeschool

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“I don’t know if I can homeschool.”

Have you ever thought that?

I doubt myself on a regular basis. When I really let my mind wander, it feels like this big, impossible thing. We’re talking about 13 years of school here. We’re talking about the whole foundation of my child’s life. We are talking about college prep, and life skills, and social skills and everything else.

The weight of that can be enormous.

And then you add in all the crazy things that come along with life.

Life happens.

Illnesses happen. Pregnancy happens. Moves happen. Kids have ADD, and SPD, and LMNOP. Houses are messy. Moms work. Life gets busy.

And yet, we homeschool on.

Homeschooling in the day to day doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I really want to encourage you today. You can do this.

homeschool_successfully_frontcover_300_jpg[2]SMALLER (1)


If you ever thought you couldn’t, then Homeschool Blogging Connection has a book for you. I am super excited about our new e-book “Homeschooling Successfully When Life Happens.” I have a chapter dedicated to surviving a terrible pregnancy and also not ruining your children for life… but there is also a ton of other chapters you are going to want to read.

This book is meant to be an encouraging, helpful read. We want you to walk away with some new ideas on managing your homeschool even when life gets messy. You aren’t alone in this. Really.

This book is available NOW for an introductory price of 3.99!
Also included are three bonuses: a set of printables, set of Bible Study and Quiet Time journaling pages from MomsToolbelt.com. and an audio recording.

Get the book now! 

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