How to Homeschool On The Go

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It feels like we are always moving, especially with a new baby. Between the kid’s classes, extra lessons, sports, and doctors appointments, the car has become a second home to us. Finding a way to fit schooling into days spent on the road has been a challenge, but I feel like we finally found our groove!

How to homeschool on the go

5 minute study sessions add up

It may feel like you are going, going, going all day long, but don’t forget to take advantage of the downtime you do have. Maybe you have 15 minutes to kill before the next soccer practice, or 10 minutes while waiting in the doctors office lobby. If your child has a book with them, they can read during these times, and throughout the day, that time spent reading will add up!

We live a bit far from where I take the kids to their Tae Kwan Do class, which means some days, I have time between class and the next appointment. Oftentimes, we’ll head to the library or the food court with our backpack full of materials, and complete lessons there. Don’t worry about what people will think, just whip out your papers and books and go for it!

Find learning opportunities everywhere

One of the most valuable tools for schooling on the go (for me) is a camera. I have to document the things we do for school (both for the state and for this blog) so if a learning oppourtunity comes up, I whip out the camera.

Learning opportunities can be everything from observing the different shapes of bird beaks while you are feeding the ducks at the park, or talking about the weather, or adding up the grocery bill. It can be even simpler than that- you can talk about current events or history with your children, and that all counts as school time!

Don’t forget time spent in the car!

Time spent in the car can be totally wasted…. or you can turn it into valuable learning time! Pop in an audiobook, or drill your children on their math facts. Discuss lessons you covered at home yesterday for review. Use the time to make observations about the world outside your window. There are all sorts of things you can be doing while the car is in motion!

How to Homeschool On The Go: What’s in the Bag?

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