Happy Birthday to my Bug

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Bug is 7 today.

I don’t have any idea how that happened.

Bug was born on a Sunday afternoon when I was 19. At the time, I thought I was perfectly old enough to be a Mother. I mean, I had a husband. I had a house. I was a grown-up. I thought I knew what I was doing.

It didn’t take long to realize I had no earthly clue. If I recall correctly, the first thing I said when I was handed my beautiful baby boy was “eww”. I mean, he was covered in ick and looked nothing like the rosy round newborn babies in the commercials. He was beautiful, but all that beautiful came with a whole lot of unexpected mess.

As Bug grew, I did too. I learned how to cook dinner without burning it, and how to bathe a baby in the sink. I learned how to get his squirmy little self into those impossible sleepers with buttons on the legs in the middle of the night without turning on the light. I learned how to swaddle him just right so he could sleep slightly angled on the side. I learned to hold my breath so I could kiss him goodnight and breathe in that sweet baby smell just one more time before heading to bed myself.

These days, he’s too big for me to swaddle, and I don’t have to button any of his buttons. I can still sneak into his room to give him kisses while he sleeps, but that sticky sweet baby smell has been replaced by the smell of dirt and sweat and stinky feet. He’s become a little man sometime in the last 7 years, and in that time he’s taught me how to be a mother. I’m so proud of the cool little Dude he’s become, and I am so proud to call myself his Mama.

Some facts about Bug the 7 year old in his own words

Favorite Color: “Black because it’s the coolest color”
Favorite Food: “Hotdogs because you can put spicy things on them”
Favorite Movie: “Batman and Pokemon”
Last Book Read: “The Sword in the Tree, Knights are in it!”
Favorite Place in the Whole World:  “The United States because they have Beaches”
Favorite subject in school: “Science, I like doing experiments and learning about neat stuff”
What do you want for your birthday? “Skylanders!”
What should people know about you? “I’m a cool kid! And, it’s my BIRTHDAY!”

Some Bug facts from me:
He has an infatuation with old man clothes and shoes- Like brown loafers. I think he gets his sense of style from me.
He’s the first one in the house to apologize when people are grumpy, and has mastered the art of the 1-2-3 hand squeeze which is code for “I love you”
He has a sixth sense for when I am worried about him and tries to slyly sneak winks at me- like when he is climbing up too high for my comfort at the playground.
He really is the coolest kid I know!

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  1. What absolutely, wonderful joy! Thanks for linking up your Joyful Moment!

    We just had a birthday last week and I can’t help to wonder where the time has gone.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your son! I love that he winks to reassure you when you are worried about him and I hope he had a great day. I am thrilled to find your blog and will be going through your curriculum reviews as we make our plans for next year!

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