When the Kid Sees the Truth, and You Don’t {Shutdown Edition}

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Today while sitting in the Dentist office, the kids noticed that AFN (the Armed Forces Network- our source for American news and entertainment overseas) was not playing cartoons. Instead, there was a message stating AFN is off the air.

It’s a small price to pay, considering the hurt around us.

Today while teaching art class, one of the little girls told me “the Government was not doing the right thing, and was broken and shutdown”. This meant her “Daddy got to be home all day, which was good, but Mommy and Daddy are sad, so it’s bad.”

Bug said today “they can’t do that! They are supposed to do what the people want, and the people want the government to work!”

John Adams
The people do want the government to work. They want to work. The government doesn’t care. Our Government does not care about the American People. You, and Me, or Family down the street.

But then again, maybe the American People don’t care either.


Why are Americans taking this?

Why is the shutdown not “trending now” on my twitter and yahoo feed, but Bigfoot and Jay-Z are?

The politicians in DC seem to think this is a game. We can shut down the government. We can close offices, and furlough workers, and stop everything. What an amazing power move.

What bull.


Right now, there are real families hurting.

Someone told me today that she felt like her family was being used as a “pawn”- and they are. After years of service and dedication to this country, they have become pawns in a sick game.

Do they deserve that?

Real families are going to bed tonight with pits in their stomach because they don’t know how they will pay the mortgage this month.

Savings accounts are being depleted.

Families without savings are choosing between paying their debts, or feeding their families.

Of course, they will choose their families, which will lead to lasting consequences in their credit score.

These are real families. These are people, not pawns.

And as of today, if Facebook, twitter, and yahoo are any indication, the American People have also forgotten about these families.

You may have a job today. You may know your bills will be paid this month. You may not be sitting in a foreign country, with nothing but broken promises from a failed government. In Germany today, there are thousands of (American) Government employees who have no idea how they are going to pay their rent. Their are soldiers who are not going to be able to train effectively without budgets, and will be sent into battle anyways. In the United States, There are small businesses who can’t get loans. There are large companies who are loosing business every day. There are able bodied workers going without pay.

There are deadlines and debts this country has looming on the horizon- if you don’t think the consequences of this will trickle down and effect you, you’re dead wrong.


Frankly, I hope you are worried about more than just the effect on you.

I hope you are mad. I hope you see the failings of our leadership and know we can’t just let this go. We have people leading this country who are willing to play with the life, liberty and freedom of real families. Men, Women and Children who work their butts off for this country. We have people leading this country who need to know they are not going to get away with shutting down our country unchallenged.
They need to know we are not pawns in their game.

Please don’t sit there, and wait for this to pass. Don’t let this shutdown happen without standing up and expressing exactly how you feel about it.

DO something.

You can call your congressman or representative.

You can write the editor of your paper.

You can follow the news and be informed.

You can donate to your local food bank (because if this continues much longer, you know they’ll need it)

You can protest in the streets.

You can do anything.

America was founded on the idea that the individual can make a difference.


So, let’s make a difference. The kids understand the need, do you?

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    1. My family is okay. For now- there have been bills signed to allow payment for active duty military, and overseas, our commissary is open (thank god!). This posts mostly refers to our civilian support team (military contractors), retired military, and reserve forces. We need them, and they need their pay.

  1. My FB is completely “trending” because we need the health care bill stopped. There have been AMERICAN families losing their jobs and homes for months now. Where have you been? Not to seem heartless in any way, because I do have a friend whose husband is not working because of this shutdown. It hurts, I’m extremely sorry, but do you have any compassion for the hundreds of thousands that haven’t been working for months now and are losing their homes. What are they supposed to do?

    Bless your husband and your family. Americans feel your frustration and pain. We respect your situation, what your husband is doing for our country. NOONE is taking this situation lightly.

    1. I think you misunderstood me Linda- I am talking about the AMERICAN citizens here in Germany, government contractors who are without pay right now. I never implied that I do not have compassion for other issues- but this is the issue that right now, today, is on my heart.

      I hear you, and I know this problem is deeper than today’s situation. I also know keeping MORE people out of work, and depriving MORE people of pay is not the answer.

      Here’s to hoping a solution that gets much more of America working SOON is quick to come.


      1. Yes, we are all praying for that, and for everyone affected by this shutdown. This really did not have to happen. All it would take is for Obama and Reid to quit digging in their stubborn heals and negotiate. The repeal of Obamacare has completely been taken off the table, because that will never happen. Rep. know that, all they are asking for is a delay so jobs will stop being eliminated and/or changed to part time. Our economy cannot take any more jobs lost, Obama and Reid just don’t get it.

        I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one to get the fact that if there are less people with jobs, less people with health insurance, and less money to pay for health insurance for the uninsured. Then we are right back, or in worse shape, than where were before Obamacare.

        Basically the numbers just don’t add up. Economists get it, but no one has been listening for a few years now.

        This whole situation makes me sad.

  2. I was JUST thinking the same thing about why it’s not ‘trending’. I’m pretty sure the shock value has worn off, and everyone it’s not affecting has forgotten about it. It’ll trend again during tax season. Even my mom hasn’t called us to see if we’re ok (something she normally does), and she’s the one we plan on borrowing money from if needed.

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