Free Spanish for Elementary

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Free Spanish Lessons for Kids

If you’re looking for some great free Spanish lessons for your kids, we have some to share with you! Some of these are quick and easy Spanish lessons for younger children or those who just want to learn a few words and “try out” the Spanish language. Others are more long-term lessons that can provide a whole year (or more) of Spanish lessons for your kids. Take a look at these suggestions and see which one(s) might fit your family. And, is possible, jump in there are learn Spanish along with your children! It’s great exercise for the brain, and it shows your kids that learning is a life-long endeavor.

FREE spanish programs for homeschooled kidsSpecial thanks to Scrappin Doodles for the cute clip art used in this post.

FREE Printables

If you just want to try out a few fun printable lessons for your kids, we have some you’ll enjoy.

Color Words

We have a Spanish Color Words Word Wall set that you can download and print for your children (preschool through about 3rd grade) to learn the colors in Spanish. It includes guided lines for read-and-write cards. We suggest printing two copies, placing one set of color words in a pocket chart (or laying them out on the table, etc.) and giving your child the second set to use as matching words, for copywork practice, etc. This is a free product!

Or you might want to try our Learning the Months in Spanish flashcards! This set contains two sets of cards–one with the months in Spanish and another with the months in English. You can use them as a memory game, copywork/tracing, or however you’d like! This set is normally a paid product, cut you can use the discount code coronahelp to get them for free right now.


DuoLingo is a fun option for learning Spanish online. They use game-like lessons and are perfect for beginners or those with a very basic understanding of the Spanish language. I’ve used it for a couple of years, and I enjoy it and have learned quite a bit! I wouldn’t call it a complete Spanish curriculum, but it is definitely a great place to start!

Salsa Spanish

This program includes 42 free video lessons!


More awesome video lessons.


You can find all kinds of Spanish resources for free on Amazon right now! Some of them may be free only for customers who have Amazon Prime, but others are free to anybody. Some are Audible books (audio books) and others are for the Kindle (or Kindle app). Of course you can buy the print versions of the books too if that’s what you prefer.

On a Budget

If you have a little money to spend and want to order Spanish workbooks for your kiddos, there are several you can order from Amazon at reasonable prices.

The Complete Book of Spanish – This is an introductory workbook for young children who are starting to learn Spanish. It teaches basic vocabulary and everyday objects with engaging activities and frequent review.

Getting Started with Spanish – This book is divided into simple lessons that explain the fundamentals of Spanish grammar in an easy-to-understand way. New words are introduced gradually so it’s not overwhelming, and you can immediately apply what you’ve learned with fun exercises at the end of each lesson.

Whether you need free resources or you have a bit of money to spend, we think you’ll find some Spanish resources you can use and enjoy!

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  1. I don’t homeschool but I very much want my girls to learn Spanish. I learned as an adult and have been looking for resources like this. Thanks so much for putting the list together!

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