Goals for Mr. Man in 2013

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Mr. Man has been growing up before our eyes. He is no longer my little baby! He’s such a busy, fun kid.  Our biggest goals really come down to social expectations, we need to get to a place where we can go places without feeling overwhelmed, and he can spend time with his friends without them feeling bombarded. I do have some light educational goals for him for the next year, but they mainly involve finding a love of learning, more than actual skills. Some of our goals for him this year include:

Language Arts

  • Be able to form all letters correctly and comfortably. Write and spell simple words.
  • Be able to read early reader books.
  • Find joy in books!


  • Be able to form all numbers correctly
  • Be able to count, have a good number sense, and learn to love math

General Goals

  • Behave appropriately in public, being a kid is okay, pulling down your pants at the library needs to stop
  • Make friends and learn to play with them
  • Become a “thinker” (work on impulse control)

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