Travel meets Homeschooling: Field Trip Friday

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Field Trip Friday

We’ve been here in Europe a little over a year now. We’ve done so much, and seen many beautiful cities and towns. However, the biggest reason we are homeschooling is because I didn’t want to squander this opportunity.

My kids will spend the better portion of their childhoods being taught about history. They’ll learn about distant wars and countries, memorize facts, and look at pictures…. But right now, we have SO much at our fingertips. We are starting a unit on the ancient Greeks and Romans- and guess what? In our backyard runs a river, and from that river, they dredged up Roman ships. In the next town over, there are ruins of a roman amphitheater. Rome itself isn’t that far, and we are hoping to make it there by the end of the year.

This weekend (actually, right now, as you are reading this) the kids and I are off in Belgium learning about World War I- by seeing the trenches and battle grounds and the battle scarred fields. Reading about it is one thing, but seeing it makes all the difference. These experiences are priceless, and in the year to come, I plan on traveling much more.

I have decided that the Kids can make do with 4 days of “school” with every Friday being dedicated to learning through Travel. On the agenda for the next month, we will (hopefully) be going to Flanders Field, Castles and Villages in France, the Ancient Shipbuilding museum (for Roman History), the local roman ruins, and Trier, Germany. I’ll be sharing these adventures with you, so check back with me each week for our Field Trip Friday post.

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