Gravity Maze: Logic Game for Kids {Review}

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Are you looking for games and toys for your Christmas list? We have a pretty substantial game collection in our homeschool room. I love being able to take a break from lessons to play a game, and it’s a total bonus if the game is also educational. Recently, we were sent Gravity Maze, a Falling Marble Logic Game from ThinkFun for a review, and it’s become a new family favorite.


Gravity Maze is one of those where you open the box, and are immediately impressed. This game consists of a plastic “game board” and 10 interlocking tower maze pieces that you use to build a three-dimensional maze track to send a marble through.

Gravity Maze Towers

To play, you pick a “challenge card” from the deck, and begin to build your maze using the provided pieces. The card gives you an initial placement of some of the tower pieces on the grid game board, and then instructs you to add certain towers to the board to complete the maze. The challenge is in determining where and how to place the additional towers, so your marble can travel through the maze from the start to the finish square.

Starting the game

There are some basic rules to placement, like not allowing the marble to drop more than one level, or to travel horizontally for more than a certain distance (after all, you are relying on gravity to move the marble through the maze!) but it’s not complicated at all to catch on to the rules.

Once you place all your towers, you take the marble, and start it where instructed on the card. If you placed everything correctly, the marble should move through the whole maze to the finish point. If you didn’t solve the puzzle right, your marble will either “get stuck” or come out at the wrong place. If you are truly stumped, each card has an answer to the puzzle on the back.

This is a one player game, but we have successfully used it with more than one child working together to solve the puzzle, or playing on teams against each other. To play with more than one person, we just each take a turn solving the maze, and if it is solved correctly on the first try, we save the card, and alternate back and forth until we are done. Whoever has the most challenge cards completed at the end, wins.

Gravity Maze

I really appreciate that while this game is recommended for ages 8 and older, the challenge cards come in 4 different levels, so an older child and younger child can both have challenges that are appropriate to their abilities. My husband and I also enjoy playing, because the challenges really do get more intense as you progress to the “expert” level!

We’ve really enjoyed this game, and I’ll be adding it to my list of gifts to get for friends and family for the holidays- it’s a keeper for sure, and an awesome addition to our collection!

Check out Gravity Maze by ThinkFun here on Amazon.


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