LEGO Tomb Activity for Easter

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I’m willing to bet that you have at least one LEGO lover in your home! And today, we’re bringing you a LEGO idea that you can use as you prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday. 

Lego empty tomb for Easter

This LEGO empty tomb build is a great, hands-on way to share the story of Christ’s resurrection with young children in a way that will capture their interest.  If you celebrate Easter as a spiritual holiday, use this activity to create a LEGO tomb that will help you share this powerful story. 

What pieces do I need?

Having the right pieces is essential in the LEGO world. Here are the pieces you will need for the different aspects of this LEGO Easter Tomb. 

Note: The tomb can be constructed from any variation of white bricks. Yellow bricks are used on the inside of the door but are optional. 


  • 1 green baseplate
  • Various leaves, vines, flowers, and/or 1×1 round plates to decorate the garden tomb

For the Tomb

  • 1 white 6×8 plate
  • 1 white 2×6 plate
  • 3 white 1×6 bricks
  • 4 white 1×4 bricks
  • 5 white 1×3 bricks
  • 7 white 1×2 bricks
  • 1 white 1×1 brick
  • 1 white 1x2x2 brick
  • 7 white 2×4 bricks
  • 10 white 2×2 bricks
  • 1 white 1×6 brick with arch
  • 1 white 2×6 brick
  • 3 yellow 2×2 bricks
  • 3 yellow 2×3 bricks
  • 1 yellow 1×2 brick

For the Stone

  • 1 white 2×2 round brick
  • 4 white 2×2 round corner (macaroni) bricks 
  • 1 white 4×4 round plate

How to Create It

Here is our guide to how you can use the above pieces for this LEGO Tomb Activity. Of course, feel free to diverge and/or be creative as you build your own version of this activity. Yours doesn’t have to look exactly like ours. That’s part of the fun of LEGOs! (NOTE: If you’d like to print instructions for this activity, there’s a link toward the bottom of this article for a pdf with a list of the bricks you need and the instructions to follow.) 

Start out by laying down your green base piece and then building the white archway that will be the door of the tomb. 

Then use other white LEGOs to lay the groundwork and plan the shape of your structure. 

Build the walls up. Use creative license as to how you create jagged edges. You don’t want the walls of the tomb to look too sleek or modern. In ancient Israel, tombs were commonly cut into large rocks and stone walls, so uneven walls and layers help achieve this look.

Next, you’ll take the yellow pieces and build a wall just behind the archway opening. When your activity is complete, the yellow will represent the light in the doorway (illuminating an empty tomb).

Are the white LEGO walls are at your desired height level?  Is your yellow mini-wall filling in the space behind the archway? If so, it’s time to build the roof! Use a large, flat, white LEGO to cover the top of your structure. 

Fill in any holes with smaller white pieces. You can even build up the top of the structure with different shapes and sizes to give it a more historically accurate look.

Use the greenery in our list – or any other floral or green pieces you may have in your collection – to add elements of nature around the LEGO tomb.

Used the curved pieces below to construct a round shape.  

This forms the stone that will be placed in front of the tomb’s entryway. 

Now your LEGO tomb Easter structure is complete! We suggest using it to provide a visual as you read the resurrection story of Easter with your children.  You can use John 20: 1 -18 to share with your children how Jesus’ tomb was sealed up with a stone, but three days later. . .

The stone was rolled away, and the tomb was empty! Show your children how they can roll away the LEGO stone to reveal an empty tomb that illuminates (with the yellow “light”) Christ’s resurrection. If you are a practicing Christian like I am, you know what we say at Easter: “He is risen!” (Followed by a response of “He is risen, indeed!”)


We hope that this hands-on LEGO activity helps you to share this powerful story of Christ’s resurrection with the children in your life this upcoming Easter Sunday! Let us know if you use it at home or in your Sunday school class this year!



To download your copy of the instruction for building this Lego empty tomb for Easter, please click this link. 


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