Field Trip Friday: Kloster Lorsch and Medieval Monks

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Today’s field trip has been my FAVORITE local trip. The middle ages and medieval monks just fascinate me, and our trip today really brought them to life for Bug (the Littles stayed home with a sitter for this adventure). This was a trip I needed to plan well in advance. Kloster Lorsch was kind enough to set up a trip for our large homeschooling group, complete with workshops to give the kids a hands on look at what life in the middle ages was like for the Benedictine Monks who lived at the monastery.

When we arrived, the hooked the kids up with a “cowl” (for the record, if you call it something else, keep in mind everything I learned today was with a language barrier- granted, our German tour guide clearly worked hard to practice and be prepared to lead a school group in English, but there may be some confusion with the words). The kids loved getting dressed up as Monks!

lorsch (2)

Once we were ready to go in our garb, our guide talked to us about some of the things Monks did a thousand years ago. We learned how they would be self-sufficient, and spend most of their time worshiping, writing and working. They farmed, made books (on vellum), made their own medicine, and so much more.

We all got excited when he told us it was time for Herbology (just like on Harry Potter!) only we wouldn’t use Magic, just real Herbs with real powers. The kids had a choice to make toothpaste, cough syrup, or rose ointment.

lorsch (5)

lorsch (7)

When we were done making our Medieval medicine, we were able to head out to the Monastery grounds to see what was left from the middle ages. To be honest, not much was there. Between the 30 years war, and the Monks moving out, local people re-purposed most of the building materials to make new buildings, destroyed the monastery, and left it to ruin. All that remains now is a portion of the chapel, and the King’s Hall. And- both of these buildings were covered in scaffolding while they are being refurbished.

lorsch (3) - Copy

 What it Should Look Like. lorsch (9)

The Current View. lorsch (10)
The Inside

I can’t believe how much fun we had today, and how much Bug learned. The Middle Ages are already off to a great start in our house!

Field Trip Friday

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