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This time of year is perfect for jumping into a study of Botany. There are only a few homeschool botany curriculum programs on the market, but there is at least something for every grade and budget. Personally, I love Great Science Adventures for Elementary. It isn’t a full year program, but it is perfect for a couple month long study in the spring or summer!

If you have older kids, or want a full year study, many people swear by Apologia science. I haven’t personally used the botany book, but I have heard good things about it if you are looking for Christian-based science. If you need a secular program, Ellen McHenry isn’t as long of a course, but it is very complete.

Homeschool Botany Curriculum

Homeschool Botany Curriculum

FREE: The Internet Science Room: High School Botany

FREE: Guest Hollow Middle School Botany

Less than $15: The Hands of a Child Botany Lapbook (grades 2-4)

Less than $15: Ellen McHenry Botany in 8 Lessons

Complete Curriculum $: Botany Adventure

Complete Curriculum $: Great Science Adventures: The World of Plants (personal favorite)

Complete Curriculum $$: Apologia Botany

See more free curriculum programs on our Free Homeschool List!

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  • Thank you for sharing this review! I just began looking into a botany book that I can use as my companion next year during my daughter’s botany block. I look forward to looking through each of your suggestions.